Origin and music career

Jaffar & Rictor combine to make the dynamic producer duo: The BeatSmiths (t.BS) in 2007. Currently producing out of Northern California & Southern California, the duo finds unique inspiration from their own lives and create music miles apart. Based out of their studio #SpaceCamp in San Jose, CA (USA) The BeatSmiths have worked with such artists as Kaine Sosa, Mahtie Bush, Alien Orchestra, Bboy Wicket.

Mars Murkin

Mars Murkin (MxM) is a band/group formed by t.BS in 2012. The duo was interested in dedicating songs to their electronic-hiphop sound.

The next album titled "Thoughts and Experiments will be released in the 4th qtr of 2014. Listen & download their debut album for free on!

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